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"I Would Recommend This Diet To Anyone!"

"I love the HCG Diet! I love the motivation of losing the weight so fast. As long as you follow what the diet tells you to do, it WORKS!

The New Beginnings center is a great source for motivation and they are so great with helping you learn the do's and don'ts of the diet.

I thought I would be hungry or feel deprived on this diet, but I always felt full and satisfied.

I would recommened this diet to anyone who is tired of feeling self-consious and is finally ready to shed excess weight. I just want to say, coming from a girl who has literally yo-yo dieted for years, this is the best diet I have ever used!"

` Gina

HCG Woodland Clinic

"My Clothes Fit Again!"

"What a miracle this program turned out to be.  I have been struggling with trying to lose my last 10 lbs for 3 years!   It just wasn't happening no matter how hard I exercised or dieted.  

In a matter of weeks, I was within 1# of my goal weight. 
What's truly amazing to me is that the weight came off in the right places.  At my age, usually any weight loss starts right in my face...not good.  

With this diet, it was just like it said it the book:  I looked healthy, not gaunt.  

My clothes fit again!  I am so grateful to have found this wonderful program. 

Thank you!"

L. S.

HCG Woodland Clinic

"30 Pounds in 40 Days!"

"The final verdict is 30 pounds using the 40 day plan!  My best advice to anyone considering this protocol is as follows:

  1. Prepare yourself.  Read all the materials.
  2. Explore your soul and determine if you are really ready for this, if you really want to do the work to make this a success (and there is work).
  3. If your answer is yes, consciously decide to commit yourself 100% to this program, no substitutions, no changes, no second guessing, no cheating.
  4. Prepare a meal plan using the permitted food list.  Establish a list of options for your breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack and dinner. Focus on this list-this is your road map.
  5. Understand going in that you will have uncomfortable hours—use that uncomfortable feeling to redouble your effort and prove to yourself that you can do this for you.  You are making your body healthier by burning the bad fat around your organs.  Take this one day at a time—you can do this. Think about how you will feel when you meet your goal.
  6. Record your food and weight everyday—take joy in your success and forgive your slips and move on.
  7. Use the permitted spices, try different methods to prepare food items (the choices are limited and this is not an easy one).
  8. Persuade a friend to do this with you.  This provides an additional source of support during times that may be difficult and someone to celebrate your success!

This worked for me and I would do it again.  If you decide this is right for you; I wish you all the best!"


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