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The Benefits of Our Weight Loss Program

As a patient enrolled in our hCG Weight Loss Program,
you are entitled to many benefits. 


Here's what is included in the program:

  • Careful monitoring through out the Program
  • You are assigned your own "One on One" hCG Specialist
  • Easy access to help for answering questions and telephone support
  • The program is under the medical supervision of a full staff of physicians and physicians assistants
  • A copy of our hCG Dieter's Gourmet Cookbook
  • A copy of Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches
  • Each patient is provided a hCG Diet Book. This book contains all of the information that you need to get started on the program.
  • One on one assessment and physical with an hCG Specialist. During this meeting your medical history and statistics are taken.
  • Initial medical assessment with our Medical Staff to review your medical information, take vital signs etc. before commencing the hCG Program
  • Weekly follow up visits for accountability and encouragement
  • All hCG medication needed to get you through the program.
  • All syringes and alcohol pads for the length of the program
  • "One on one" Weight Loss Coaching during each follow up visit
  • Follow up through the end of the 6 week maintenance and rest period
  • Significant discount for additional cycles of hCG.



The Side Benefits of taking hCG

Dr. Simeons discovered that along with substantial weight loss and the ability

to keep it off after the hCG Diet Program has been completed, there were many

benefits being experienced by patients during an hCG Weight Loss Program.


Here are a few of the other benefits:

  • No loss of muscle mass

  • Normalized the thyroid gland

  • Rebuilds the adrenaline glands
  • Balances the hormones output

  • Replaces the good cushioning "fat pad" through-out the body

  • Normalizes appetite demands

  • Improves ones "singing voice" (believe it or not)

  • Gets rid of large pot belly on both male and female

  • Reduces fat deposits on double chins

  • Reduces hip fat deposits
  • Reduces buttocks fat deposits


Still more benefits:



In some cases Dr. Simeons found that it is often possible to stop all anti-diabetes medication after the first few days of hCG treatment.

In his book Dr Simeons states:


"I have had an obese patient suffering from a fairly advanced case of stable diabetes of many years duration in which the blood sugar may range from 300-400 mg, The blood sugar continues to drop from day to day and often reaches normal values in 2-3 weeks. This has not been observed in the brittle type of diabetes. After the hCG is stopped there is a good chance that the diabetes will return to the previous blood sugar level." 

Obviously we do not recommend stopping your medications, but this fact is a testimony to the healing and stabilizing power of hCG.




All rheumatic pains, even those associated with demonstrable bony lesions, improve subjectively within a few days of taking the hCG. After the hCG is stopped the pain of deformed joints returns, but smaller doses of pain relieving drugs seem able to control it satisfactorily after weight reduction.

Blood Pressure


hCG has had positive effects on patients blood pressure. Dr. Simeons found that when a woman suffering from high blood pressure becomes pregnant her blood pressure soon drops, but after her delivery it may gradually rise back to its former level. Similarly, a high blood pressure present before hCG treatment tends to rise again after the treatment is over. Though that is not always the case—but the former high levels are rarely reached.



When the total amount of circulating cholesterol is normal before treatment, this absolute amount is neither significantly increased nor decreased. But when an obese patient with an abnormally high cholesterol and already showing signs of arteriosclerosis is treated with hCG, their blood pressure drops and his coronary circulation seems to improve, and yet his total blood cholesterol may soar to heights never before reached.

However, Dr Simeons saw that the patients came to no harm even if treatment was continued. In follow-up exams some months after treatment he found the condition the same as prior to treatment. As the increase is mostly in the form of the not dangerous form of the free cholesterol, we gradually came to welcome the phenomenon.




Predictably gout patients get an acute and often severe attack after the first few days of hCG treatment, but then remain entirely free of pain, in spite of the fact that their blood uric acid often shows a marked increase which may persist for several months after treatment. Those patients who have regained their normal weight remain free of symptoms regardless of what they eat, while those that require an additional Cycle of treatment get another attack of gout as soon as the next Cycle is initiated.


Peptic Ulcers


Dr. Simeons states,

“In cases of obesity with gastric or duodenal ulcers, we have noticed a surprising subjectiveimprovement in spite of a diet which would generally be considered most inappropriate for an ulcer patient. Here too there is a similarity with pregnancy, in which peptic ulcers hardly ever occur. However we have seen cases with a previous history of several hemorrhages in which the bleeding reoccurred within two weeks after the end of treatment.”

Psoriasis, Fingernails, Hair, Varicose Ulcers


According to Dr Simeons, pregnancy, psoriasis greatly improves during hCG treatment but may reoccur when the treatment is completed. Also, patients spontaneously report a marked improvement in the condition of brittle fingernails. The loss of hair which is frequently associated with obesity is temporarily arrested during treatment. In obese patients with large varicose ulcers we were surprised to find that these ulcers heal rapidly during hCG treatment.


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