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HCG Injections

Daily hCG injections, or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, are of vital importance to the process of the hCG diet. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. This hormone, given in small amounts, has been associated through research with weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per day.

So combined with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) of 500 calories, daily hCG injections can assist individuals in losing an average of1–3 pounds per day and reach healthier and more manageable weight zones more quickly.


HCG injections are given each day for a period between 23 and 40 days depending on the weight loss desired of the individual. Those wishing to lose 15 lbs. or less normally undergo treatment for 26 days, with the 500 calorie limit being continued for 3 additional days after all hCG injections have been administered. This is to ensure the ability to maintain weight loss once the treatment cycle is complete. For those needing to lose larger amounts of weights, additional hCG injections are allowed during treatment up to 40 injections or when 34 lbs. have been lost. Should an individual still need to lose weight, a new treatment cycle can be started after a 6 week maintenance period. The hCG program should not be done without the supervision and expertise of a physician or certified hCG professional. There are instances when hCG injections cannot be given.  Check with your hCG Coach for specifics.

There is little physical reaction or pain when hCG injections are properly administered.

HCG injections also have few side effects, and in fact the hormone has been associated with cancer-fighting properties. Some mild side effects have been associated with hCG injections, such as minor aches and fluctuation in libido. In some cases, hCG has also been reported to reduce headaches connected to periods of increased hormonal change such as menstrual cycles and pregnancy, as well as the lowering of blood pressure. If you are taking other medications, consult a physician before beginning a cycle of hCG injections. Your doctor can tell you whether hCG injections are the proper option for you, or whether other options such as hCG in pill form should be explored.


Injection Phobia

I can’t think of anyone who likes to get a shot. To some there is a real phobia no matter what the needle size. To others it doesn’t bother them in any way and the majority fall in the middle—”I’ll take it but I don’t like it”.



Injections are a relatively convenient way to deliver medication that would otherwise be absorbed if taken by mouth. For example:

  • Insulin injections for people with diabetes
  • Epinephrine injections for people with severe allergic reactions
  • Injections for weight control with hCG



  • No, the needle for the hCG injections are ultra-thin and only 1/2” long
  • The injection is just below the skin so most patients state there is little to no feeling.



The needle is so small that it just penetrates the skin and enters your fat and is not long enough to reach the muscle



  • Make sure you have all the items: syringe with hCG, alcohol swab, etc.
  • Wash your hands with warm, soapy water & dry with clean towel
  • Select a site for the injection and wipe with alcohol swab & wait to dry




There are several area that

you can inject yourself:

  • The Stomach (the best)
  • The Buttocks
  • The Thighs
  • The Arms (2nd best)



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