About A New You

Our professional staff includes a board certified physician, Physicians Assistants (PA), Nurse Practitioners

(NP) and other Medical Weight Loss Specialists administer the program.

Our specialty is providing an advanced MEDICAL SOLUTION to achieve significant WEIGHT LOSS in a very

limited period of time.

For more than 60 years, this protocol has been instrumental for thousands of people achieving their

goals, changing their life-styles, accepting responsibility for their health and becoming more self-

empowered individuals. No more of the revolving diet “craziness”. Our program offers you an

opportunity to regain control over your life. This is something you CAN have control over.

Our program and our staff will not only help with your weight loss journey at a safe and satisfying rate,

we will also help you keep the weight off. With the help of our staff and our program, we can teach you

healthy new skills and principles that work. This is for a lifetime of habits you can live with comfortably.

We will help you through this! We are here for you!


"To provide a safe and cost-effective weight loss solution utilizing the latest medical technology."


To offer all patients a proven way to lose weight, keep the weight off and finally, to have a New



Treat every person with dignity and respect and compassion. Be of service. Remain open to innovation.

The attention and care you give to understanding the principles outlined and the conscience effort with

which you apply this knowledge to your own weight loss will determine how successful you will be losing

your weight and keeping it off.

We offer you an opportunity for a new waistline and more important, a new lifeline--it waits only on

your conscious choice and enthusiasm to begin.

Here’s to A New You!!